Flight Instructor Rating

Flight Instructor Rating (FIR)



Do you want to start your career as a Flight Instructor? Being a Flight Instructor is a dream come true for many aviation aspirants because they get to make a career out of their passion for flying and at the same time enjoy the rewards of being a teacher. One can also work towards becoming an international Commercial Pilot by getting paid for flying while increasing flying hours.

For aspirants who want to become a Flight Instructor, Orient Flights Aviation Academy (OFAA) offers Flight Instructor Endorsement Program, to upgrade CPL holders into Flight Instructors.

Course Description

Flight Instructor Rating (FIR) is required to be held by Commercial Pilot Licence holders to be employed as a Flight Instructor (FI) for the purpose of delivering lessons and training to students. The syllabus of training involves classroom lessons, role-play of simulated flights and practical flight instructions. This course primary covers the subject of Flight Instructional Techniques & Principles. OFAA offers Flight Instructor Rating (FIR) endorsement program which includes 30 hours of Patter Flying with a certified Chief Flying Instructor.

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1. Age 20 yrs of age & above
2. Qualification Valid AFIR/CPL / FRTOL/RTR
3. Medical Valid Class I Medicals
4. Written & Oral Exams
  • Mechanics of Flight
  • Methods & Techniques of flying instructions
  • Flight instruments
5. Flying Requirements
  • Min. 300 hrs as instructional Flying
  • 30 hrs of Patter Flying (Instructor)
  • 20 hours by night during which at least 20 take-offs and twenty landings have been carried out
6. Course Duration 4 Weeks
7. Validity of License 12 months
8. Renewal
  • 20 hrs as FIR within preceding 12 months
  • Competency Check (within 12 months)
  • Refresher Course Certificate (within 12 months)

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