OFAA – Mysuru

 Chief Flying Instructor’s Message:

In pursuit of the Vision of Founder Chairman Dr. KCG Verghese – “To MAKE EVERY MAN A SUCCESS AND NO MAN A FAILURE” and to accomplish our Mission – “To provide aspiring cadets with modern training aircraft, allied facilities and industry specific knowledge to obtain Commercial Pilot Licence alongside guiding them in fulfilling industry standards to achieve Airline Transport Pilot Licence”, Orient Flights Aviation Academy has an adequate number of Single and Multi- Engine aircraft, infrastructure and facilities. We have highly experienced and qualified staff for imparting flying training, maintenance of aircraft, administration and support services to ensure training of high standards. Apart from piloting and professional skills, equal emphasis is also given to groom young cadets in relevant ethics, ethos and customs & traditions of the Aviation Profession. “Team Orient Flights Aviation Academy” strives to produce best trained Aviators in the world while adhering to highest safety standards.

Chief Flying Instructor

Chief Ground Instructor’s Message:

“As a Flying Training Organisation approved by DGCA, it is our profound responsibility at Orient Flights Aviation Academy to uphold the impeccable standards of safety, professionalism and excellence that define our institution’s legacy spanning for almost three decades. With unwavering dedication, we meticulously deliver comprehensive and impactful ground training to every student under our care. Through this training, we not only equip them with the essential skills for safe and proficient aircraft operation but also nurture a deep understanding of flight principles. Furthermore, we cultivate within them a profound respect for safety measures and foster a lifelong commitment to continuous learning and improvement. At Orient Flights Aviation Academy, our commitment to our students’ success and safety knows no bounds.”

Chief Ground Instructor

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