Flight Simulator



 The OFAA SIMCENTRE was established as a result of a technical partnership between Orient Flights Aviation Academy and ALSIM Flight Training Solutions.

Orient Flights Aviation Academy ‘s collaboration with ALSIM began in 2010 with the purchase of India ‘s first ALSIM Simulator – AL 50.The AL 50 is a basic instrument training device that provides generic flight models which replicate aircraft like the Cessna 152,Cessna 172 and Socata TB 20.The AL 50 has been used by Orient Flights Aviation Academy for imparting thousands of training hours to Pilots, Engineers and Aviation Enthusiasts.

ALSIM Flight Training Solutions is one of the leading simulator manufacturers in the world. ALSIM ‘s constant process of evolving their products over the years has enabled them to offer customers with advanced aviation training devices.

In 2018,Orient Flights Aviation Academy added to its fleet, the advanced AL 250 that simulates both Multi Engine & Single Engine Aircraft that is equipped with Analog and EFIS Instrumentation.

Orient Flights Aviation Academy has also acquired a AERX LABS Simulator which is installed at OFAA, Mysuru.

The OFAA SIM CENTRE conducts training programs for:-

  • Pilots-PPL, CPL, IR, MER
  • Licensed pilots preparing for an airline job can undergo refresher training to sharpen their skills.
  • One day training program for schools,colleges and aviation enthusiasts.

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