Recency Flying

Recency Flying



There are many students who go abroad for pilot training and it gets difficult when they come back to India, because by the time they are able to pass written examinations in India for license conversion, their recency of experience in flying would have expired — which is 6 months. Candidates will then have to regain the required number of flying hours to apply for Indian Licence.

Course Description

Orient Flights Aviation Academy (OFAA) offers Recency Flying without hassle for those who are seeking to regain their flying hours. Please refer the procedure for applying for Indian License with IR rating on single engine, if preceding six months expired:

1. Age 18 yrs of age & above
2. Qualification CPL License
3. Medical Valid Class I Medicals
4. Flying Requirements
  • Flying hours :-23:00 Hrs with IR and 18:00 Hrs without IR
  • 250 NMS x-co by day with at least one full stop landing other than departure aerodrome
  • 120 NMS x-co by night by returning to the place of departure without landing anywhere
  • Day test
  • Night test
  • Solo 10 take offs and Landings by night
  • Balance general flying to full fill the requirement of 15 hrs PIC
  • Instrument flying of 5 hrs including IR test (If desired to take IR rating)
5. Course Duration 4 Weeks
6. Validity of License 12 months

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