OFAA – Mysuru

Commercial Pilot License with Instrument Rating (SE+ME)

Commercial Pilot Training in India

Duration 18 Months
Eligibility A pass in 12th Std. (Physics, Mathematics & English)
Course Description A Commercial Pilot License (CPL), is a qualification that permits the holder to act as a pilot of an aircraft and be paid for his/her work.
Aircraft Cessna 152 / Cessna 172 / Tecnam P2006T
Age 18 Years (Completed)
Medical Class I & Class II Medicals

(Note: The student should be proficient in English)

Flight Training

Total 200 Hours

185 Hours+15 Hours (Single and Multi Engine respectively)

Ground Subjects

Students will be given training for DGCA Examinations in the following subjects:

Air Regulations

Aerodrome Search & Rescue, Rules & Regulations, Customs & Health , Knowledge of Communication and Navigational Facilities.

Air Navigation

Theoretical and Practical Navigation.

Aviation Meteorology

Basic knowledge of Aviation, Weather Codes & Plotting, Elementary Synoptic Meteorology including simple interpretation of Weather Charts and Meteorological Procedures relating to Aviation.

Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) Training IndiaTechnical General (Aircraft and Engines)

General Principles and Elementary Knowledge of Design, Construction, Maintenance and Operation of Aircraft, Engine and Instruments, Ancillary Systems, Emergency Systems, Installations & Equipment, Basic Knowledge of Fuel and Lubricants,Loading of Aircraft, Weight Distribution and its effect on Flight Characteristics.

Aircraft Engine & Systems specific to:

Cessna 172 / Piper Seneca III / Tecnam P2006T (Limitations, Aircraft Engines, Systems Weight & Balance Performance.)

Radio Telephony Restricted (Aero)

Including Transmission and Interpretation of Aural Signals and Operations of Radio Telephony Apparatus On Board the Aircraft.

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