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Introduction to Aviation

Everybody in this world at some point of their lives would have dreamt of flying and reaching the skies, but how many of them have attempted to make it a reality? The field of Aviation provides a pathway to make that dream into a reality. Aviation is the study of “Aeronautics” and the grandeur of academic metamorphosis; and offers its aspirants lucrative job opportunities in the airline industry.

How Orient Flights contributes to Indian Aviation Industry and Flying?

At Orient Flights, we provide an exceptional learning experience for the students who crave knowledge and possess the desire to pursue flying in the aviation industry by offering SPL, PPL and CPL Training in India. At OFAA, we have established excellent infrastructure facilities to cater to the needs of our students.

“SAFETY BEFORE SELF” and “KNOWLEDGE IS POWER” sums up our core philosophy. Orient Flights is proud to introduce the latest in-flight training technology with our modern fleet of aircraft. This helps them to adapt to the next generation of aircraft flying and brings about new level of safety and confidence in the trainees.

Our primary goal is to ensure safety and we consider training the biggest and most daring stage in the study of Aviation. Therefore, we at Orient Flights provide extra knowledge on safety and develop a confidence in the students at their training level itself. This helps students focus on what they are going to do in their forthcoming stages of study related to their desires. The seed of undeniable interest that we sow in every student’s mind grows and lives perennially.

Why become a Pilot?

During the past decade, the Indian Aviation Industry has witnessed remarkable growth, with major advances in the Civil Aviation segment. Currently, it is the ninth largest in the world, registering a year-on-year growth of about 16%. The Indian Government strongly supports the market and introduced the New Civil Aviation Policy (NCAP) – 2016. This trend has been amply supported by the availability of skilled Indian manpower.

All these developments have brought in more airlines, which are not only fighting for space in the domestic sector but are also asking for their share of international operations. With such a huge opportunity at their doorstep, they are confidently expanding their fleet of aircraft. This has resulted in the urgent requirement for more of qualified Pilots, Engineers, Technicians, Cabin crew, etc. Air Safety being the prime consideration, this situation is also demanding Flying Training Organizations of the highest quality.

Join OFAA and make your dream come true

Aviation Studies, a grandeur of academic metamorphosis, can now be acquired by the mighty spirited future fliers who want to make their dreams a reality.

With such a huge opportunity at your door step, we call upon our young students to grab the opportunity with confidence and reach for the skies with training help from the extraordinary professionals at Orient Flights Aviation Academy, Mysuru which is 155 Kilometers from Bengaluru.

– “Flying gives you the best view of the world”

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