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The popular Chinese proverb states “If you are planning for a year, sow rice; if you are planning for a decade, plant trees; if you are planning for a lifetime, educate people”

This sums up the entire philosophy of the time and life of Dr. K.C.G Verghese, a visionary who built the entire edifice of the Hindustan Group of Institutions. His profound qualities of enthusiasm, perseverance, vision and live networking created a springboard for many aspirants to mould their careers.

Dr. K.C.G Verghese, though born in an ordinary middle-class family in Kerala, by dint of his hard work, rose to one of the top-ranking educationists. He held on to his dreams and converted them into reality. His relentless work drove him to success. He was the pioneer in promoting technical education in our country. He helped the students explore their potential. He made them realize that education, hard work and commitment to the nation are the only means to get themselves employable and overcome poverty.

His inspirational autobiography “Wheels and Wings” will be a beacon to many at Hindustan Group of Institutions for years to come, to quote from his autobiography “In my opinion, the thirsty man should get water, the hungry one must be fed, the man who thirsts for knowledge must be provided with a learning environment”. This is what educational institutions are for which speaks volumes of his conviction and commitment to providing education to the needy.

He firmly believed, ‘Every human being has infinite potential’. The role of an educator is to bring out the best in every individual and educational institutions must provide the best facilities and the right ambience. The Hindustan Group of Institutions caters to over 18,000 students, has around 1000 faculties and scintillating alumni over 50,000. These are the testimonies of his deep-rooted desire to fulfil his aspirations. He was a true patriot and he always advised youngsters to serve their own country.

His penchant for “Wheels and Wings” made him adventurous all through his life and his indomitable spirit always rose to the occasion and facilitated him to lead from the front. His personality had all the nuances of a great human being. He valued friendship and showed great respect, love and concern to his teachers, his family members and parents in equal measures.

The best tribute we can always offer to this architect of the Hindustan Group of Institutions is to emulate his ideals and work towards realising his dreams. Let his vision “To MAKE EVERY MAN A SUCCESS AND NO MAN A FAILURE”, inspire us to follow his footsteps.

God chose his company in 2006 on Valentine’s Day. His footsteps towards this company, his strongly curated words and his passion for achieving will be remembered on this day and ever after as V-Day, The Verghese Day.


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