OFAA – Mysuru

Why you should choose Orient Flights?

Experienced Institution

Orient Flights Aviation Academy (OFAA) stands as one of the best Pilot Training Institutions in India and is approved by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). Orient Flying School (OFS) which is also by the same management has been successfully operating in Pondicherry since 1994 and during the past 28 years, has trained a large number of airline pilots to obtain their Commercial Pilot License (CPL). You should choose OFAA, Mysuru because of its distinct advantages.

Favorable Flying Weather

One of South India’s most famous tourist destinations, Mysuru in Karnataka (which recently changed its name from Mysore) is known for its glittering royal heritage and magnificent monuments and buildings. It’s just 3 hours road travel from Bengaluru to reach Orient Flights Aviation Academy campus (roughly 150 kms). The city has been retaining its reputation for being the cleanest city in the country ever since the award was announced. What’s more? Mysore acquits a pleasant climate throughout the year, favorable for flying.

Operational Airfield

Mysuru Airfield is a fully functional with a dedicated control tower manned by Airport Authority of India, along with civil flight operations for Indigo Airlines and Alliance Air.

Quality Training

Being the youngest among flying institutions, every Student Pilot gets undivided and individual attention from highly experienced Flight Instructors. The Student Pilots of OFAA would be able to complete their mandatory flying hours at a record pace.

Modern and Versatile Fleet

Six Cessna 172 Sky Hawk and two Cessna 152 aircraft based at Mysuru are used for both CPL and PPL training for the single-engine aircraft category. Multi-engine training for CPL program is imparted on a Tecnam P2006T aircraft. It is the policy of OFAA to strive to provide its aspiring Student Pilots with the most modern aircraft for safe and efficient training.

Advanced Flight Simulator

Simulator training for all student pilots would be conducted at Mysuru. In OFAA’s state of the art Flight Simulator a student can practice all flight profiles, abnormal procedures, emergency drills, visual procedures and instrument approach procedures. This goes a long way in boosting the confidence of students!


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