OFAA – Mysuru

Orient Flights Aviation Academy-Student Information SystemOASIS or The Orient Flights Aviation Academy Student Information System, is the Student Information System designed to provide Students and Parents up-to-date records of daily classes and completed flying exercises. This system allows the students to have all their information within a centralized and integrated system.

OASIS web application is a one of a kind web application which integrates all the modules and functionalities of the Flight Training Organisation system on a single platform. The ERP can be accessed by the Students, Parents and Staff with valid software security.

The main goal of the entire system is to provide a user friendly interface and powerful data structure which make this system more useful. The purpose of this software for OFAA students is such that the database contains 99% real-time functioning of the FTO and the student performance and progress. In return, this will improve efficiency and systematic management of records thus providing a common and simple platform for everyone to access relevant information.

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