Assistant/Flight Instructor Rating

Assistant Flight Instructor Rating (AFIR)



It is not always necessary that every pilot wishes to join an airline alone. There are many, who would like to make their career as Flight Instructors. It is a challenging and high demand role with an option to move on to work as a commercial airline pilot. Many consider being a Flight Instructor a respectable position because they get to make a living out of their passion for flying and at the same time enjoy the rewards of being a teacher.
For aspirants who want to take their first step in becoming a Flight Instructor, Orient Flights Aviation Academy (OFAA) offers AFI (Assistant Flight Instructor) Endorsement Program, to upgrade CPL holders into Assistant Flight Instructors.

Course Description

Assistant Flight Instructor Rating (AFIR) is required to be held by Commercial Pilot Licence holders to be employed as an Assistant Flight Instructor (AFI) for the purpose of delivering lessons and training to students. The syllabus of training involves classroom lessons, role-play of simulated flights and practical flight instructions. This course primary covers the subject of Flight Instructional Techniques & Principles. The extent of training varies from individual to individual. However, a fresh CPL holder may require about 70-100 hours of flight training and associated ground classes.


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1. Age 18 yrs of age & above
2. Qualification Valid CPL or ATPL License
3. Medical Valid Class I Medicals
4. Written & Oral Exams
  • Mechanics of Flight
  • Methods & Techniques of flying instructions
  • Flight instruments
5. Flying Requirements
  • Min. 200 hrs as PIC
  • 10 hrs of Patter Flying (Instructor)
6. Requirements at the time of application
  • 50 hrs as PIC within 18 months
  • Skill Test by the Examiner
7. Course Duration 4 Weeks
8. Validity of License 12 months
9. Renewal
  • 20 hrs as AFIR within preceding 12 months
  • Competency Check
  • Refresher Course Certificate

Why Orient Flights?

You will receive the training for this endorsement program from our Chief Flight Instructor, who is a DGCA certified Examiner. After the successful completion of the course and processing of rating, candidates may have an opportunity to start their career as an AFI (Assistant Flight Instructor) at our academy itself.

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